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New nudist fiction


I'm working on some fantasy - nudist crossover fiction with an old friend. It's definitely a work-in-progress, but some of you might enjoy it. You can find it here:

Here's a sample:

After the game she stood by the podium, looking up at the opposing captains

as they stood, bloody and bruised, and received their trophies. Her gaze

especially fell on the single female captain as she accepted her trophy

and held it aloft, the blood from her wounds running down her face and

bare br more...

New naturist fiction

Something new I'm working on!


I asked my neighbor today is she would care if I used the front yard (which is fenced but which her bedroom window overlooks) for some nude photography. She said that would be OK. "I'm no prude", she said. Cool! Now if the weather would get nice enough to actually use my freedom ...


I haven't sketched anyone in the nude for a while. I need to keep that skill up or it will rust!


I've hit the wall. I should be organizing the next nudist ArtDay event, or at least migrating the web page so it will work again. But only two people even seem to care. Why am I paying $100 per event for something that so few even bother with?

New cartoon in color!

It's hardly Van Gogh, but it's a step towards joining the rest of the world in color. It's just that it adds another entire dimension to the art, and so it effectively doubles the time required to do the cartoon.


I feel a bit better about myself, as I did finally manage to update my cartoon web page:

It's funny how posting just a few chicken-scratchings can make a person feel better about themselves. I wonder what (if anything) that says about me?


Sometimes you can get a hint of a nice angle or curve in the two-minute sketches you sometimes do during the warmup for figure drawing. If only I could capture that in the actual drawings.


Have you ever had something that you knew you could do, but you just had a bad attitude about doing it? I have this nudist cartoon in front of me, I know I can do it, but I just have the worst attitude about actually doing it! I hate working on paper, because you can't erase easily. The hands just are so hard to do! What's worse, it looks like everyone has a hard-on (but they don't - they're underwater, is all). I'll do it, but maybe not this week ...

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